Sanctuaries and The Link to SARS-nCoV-2

April 22, 2020
November 19, 2019 - present
a side by side view of known sanctuary jurisdictions and clusters of SARS-nCoV-2 Click here for a larger image When Ellis Island Was open (which I recall was between the 1890s and early 1920s), the 22 million immigrants who were processed at the facility were checked for infectious diseases [0]. Many of the immigrants who were processed were from Eastern Europe, given the instability Europe experienced during the Nationalist Wars of the 1870s [1] [3].
These individuals were checked largely for tuberculosis, which remains latent in 13 million people in the US TODAY[2]. I understand that some sacrifices were made for international commerce, but that's why we have such a spread in urban communities. Not simply because they're dense, but because they have many illegal immigrants who cannot be checked without facing the risk of deportation, forcing them to incubate potentially deadly illnesses. Ingraham is controversial, but she was on to something last Summer[4].
For perspective, the image above is a composite of the map of sanctuary jurisdictions (Yellow is County, Red is City, Green is State) next to a COVID-19 map from Johns Hopkins University. Researching claims is crucial during this time, and the idea that these jurisdictions could be harboring individuals who cannot be realistically tested is absolutely valid. Immigrants are victims in all this, please do not blame them. Blame the people who mislead and use them.
Note: Albany County, which is a sanctuary jurisdiction, has over 700 cases as of April 22nd, 2020. At least 23 people have died.
Schenectady County, which is not (thanks to sane voters not allowing the person who was primarying McCarthy from the left to win), has half as many cases and 13 deaths as of the same date.
The link is certainly plausible and should be further investigated. No policy that threatens public safety and health should be given a pass if we are to truly tackle this virus.

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