Making Cursors Stick

April 28, 2020
build 16299
a preview of the Desktop Architect panel detailing how to make cursors stick The cursors in my DeskThemePack files are a fantastic aesthetic, but they do not remain visible after logoff, although they always remain applied. This is a filesystem limitation that I can't get around. The last time I tried, for some godforsaken reason I deleted my boot record.
There are several ways to go around it. Here's a list from easiest to hardest:
1. Open the Mouse properties. type main dot c p l in the run command dialog box Type main.cpl in the Run command dialog or IE address toolbar and press enter. Navigate to the Pointers tab. Then press OK. This applies the cursors retained in memory.
2. Use Desktop Architect.
compatibility tab for d a dot e x e. Set OS to Windows X P service pack 3 and click OK extra space for a column The above photo indicates what compatibility flags should be enabled BEFORE running DA.
The cover illustration shows what option needs to be selected to apply the cursors. Make sure it's the only one. The last few options are deprecated and if you apply wallpaper with a slideshow enabled you will break the slideshow. Desktop Architect is available on

3. Edit the Registry.
Advanced User Advice ONLY! Go to the key depicted. Errors made in the registry can BREAK your system, so don't do this if you don't have to.
registry key showing cursor schemes after being applied by system, showing wildcards registry key showing cursor schemes after being applied by D A dot E x e. Notice wildcards are replaced by absolute paths. When the cursors are applied using Windows Personalization CPL, it utilizes wildcard references. DA 2.11 does not.
The solution is to rename the fields (if they appear to have wildcards) into fields that refer to absolute paths. As of 19041, I'm noticing that my cursors do not disappear after logoff. I will keep you abreast of this development.

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