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How To Use This Site

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This website is pure HTML/JS/CSS. I do not trust third party plugins because they're confusing and prone to exploitation.
This page is for individuals who need help on how to access or use this site. Press Accesskey '?' to go to this page.

For updates about this site and what's next, please visit its Github page. This site uses a viewport rule that changes its layout for screens that are narrower than 1024px. New viewport headers were applied after the analysis of external feedback from personal and professional sources.

There are a list of sites below the text panels of the home page that will lead to official Internet presences. If you have feedback about the site (please be thoughtful), please let me know - just send me a private message. Lesser Accounts are displayed in this TXT file.

The navigation bar shows at every top-level page for this site. If you do not see it, you are deeper than one level on my site. Should you panic, please press Accesskey '0' to start over. For more info on how to use this feature, see this article.

This site uses emoji to convey information and as an aesthetic. In an attempt to head off systems that may not support emoji, I have hosted them on my site (as I do all fonts you see). I believe that hosting fonts (which are trivial in size) on my site limits my need to cross reference other domains, resulting in faster load times. Since the fonts are free (and OFL), why NOT host them yourself?

Hotlinking on my site is totally not OK. I won't make it easy for you. Yeah, there's the inspection tool. But most people aren't willing to invest that kind of time. Hotlinking is bandwidth theft. If you want images on this site so badly, go to my DeviantArt page or simply ASK. There's a 74% chance I will say yes and gift wrap it. The only other way around this is direct referral.

"Hey, Eric, the site looks different sometimes."

This is perfectly normal. My site uses a JavaScript file to change the theme based on time of day. If you opt out of using JavaScript, it will revert to the default theme for your session. I have historically been reluctant to use JavaScript because of its negative connotation, but by demonstrating its good, maybe I can allay its evil.
On the Disclosure and No G***** campaign page, there are drop downs that render as a bar on FHD screens and a collapsible panel on QHD screens and smaller. The collapsible is optimized for touch. Like DeskThemePacks, I dogfood my sites on both desktop and mobile. The guinea pig is an HTC m8 running Android 10. An experimental collapsible using the Details DOM is being used on the Blog page.

"Eric, I shared a link from your site but it doesn't parse."

This is because I'm using forbidden characters. I am adding a shortlink index and avoiding them going forward. I will eventually backport these conventions.

"What's with the weird name references?"

It's problematic to publish names without permission (except if they make a conspicuous complaint, which effectively means they self-ID). The purpose of a cipher is to ensure those who were NOT a party to the described event cannot successfully identify who is who. Those who WERE parties to the events described, or know someone who was, will be able to successfully identify their cipher.

Please explain the 'Timeline Context' I see in some of your stories.

This only shows if the story took place when I was homeless on New York City Streets, which took place between March 31, 2015 until March 27, 2018, when I moved Upstate. Each long dash is a two month period. The position of the subway car indicates when the story took place. If the story took place on multiple occasions, each will have a subway car. Each instance of the subway car accounts for two months. If an incident spans three months, it will occupy a minimum two cars.

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