X-Files | Nightvision [Aero]

Dennis van Schelven a preview depicting the action center on the main desktop.
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a preview depicting the Explorer (MDL) UI. a preview depicting the Settings (Modern) UI. a preview depicting the available cursors for this theme.
Attributes: [C]   [202 202 149]  
Original filename:xvision.zip  
Alternate Theme: X-Files | Nightvision [High Contrast]
The X-Files made a comeback, with one extra season appearing on FOX in the past five years. I felt that this theme deserved a refresh for Windows 10. This Aero theme is exclusive to my site. Previews are as recent as build 19041. Previews are in Full HD. Find out more here.
The icons for this theme were created by me specifically for this theme, and utilize the font 'OCR A Extended', which is also available as a font substitution .REG file.